About the EP Awards

Executive Platforms builds world-class forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas among the senior leadership of businesses and organizations with common objectives, interests, and challenges. Our team is committed to excellence. Through careful and concerted effort based upon decades of experience we work to elevate the conversation and provide all of our stakeholders with a trusted platform to network, benchmark, learn, and grow together to inspire success in their working lives.

Our speakers and delegates form a community, and communities thrive when they take the time to identify and celebrate the best among them for the benefit of the collective. With the EP Awards, Executive Platforms will recognize and champion the people and projects that deserve to be held up as worthy examples for others to learn from and engage with on their own journeys towards excellence. 

The EP Awards winners are chosen by our community, from our community, and for our community. Across all five awards categories, Executive Platforms will solicit nominations from our advisory board, speaker faculties, and event participants, and those same stakeholders will decide who most deserves to be honoured for their achievements.

Awards Categories

There are five EP Awards categories, each focused on celebrating worthy examples of excellence relevant to the community of HR executives.

Best Workplace Culture Award

Workplace culture happens with or without a plan, but the best workplace cultures are carefully planned and then just as carefully nurtured and cultivated over time to create a place where people want to be and where they are contributing their best efforts towards common goals that matter to them. This award recognizes the unique character and personality of your organization, and how its people live its values every day.

Criteria to include in entry essay:

What is the story behind your culture? What are your company’s visions, values, and beliefs and how do they help your business succeed by connecting people to purpose, accomplishment, and each other? Offer both quantifiable and qualifiable examples of what your organization does to support your culture, and what your culture allows you to achieve together that would not be possible otherwise.

Most Innovative Use of HR Technology Award

In an ever-changing landscape of new technologies, the real successes are found when the right people use new abilities to achieve goals that would otherwise be beyond their reach. This award celebrates the organization that is leveraging a human resources-specific technology to change the way it functions and improves performance across a number of quantifiable and qualifiable metrics.

Criteria to include in entry essay:

Tell us how your organization successfully brought technological solutions to bear on its challenges. Explain the technology’s role in achieving demonstrable results. How has this impacted your people, your processes, and your organization’s culture?

Award of Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

An engaged and effective workforce is one in which people are allowed to be themselves and to share and engage with one another as respected equals. Embracing diversity and inclusion as core values of workforce culture improves the working lives of existing employees and also builds up the organization in the estimation of future employees and business partners. This award recognizes the innovations and exceptional efforts of diversity and inclusion programs to build equality and openness into the fabric of workforce culture.

Criteria to include in entry essay:

Tell us about your ongoing efforts to support diversity and inclusion within your organization. What are the initiatives and how are they linked to and supported to other company strategies? Offer evidence of the positive impact these programs have generated.

Award of Excellence for Mental, Physical & Financial Wellness

Great places to work invest in their people and give them the tools and opportunities to be their best selves in both their personal and professional lives. They offer resources and assistance and positive reinforcement so individuals can improve themselves. This award recognizes organizations that excel in providing wellness initiatives that support employees and have a positive impact on the entire workforce and culture.

Criteria to include in entry essay:

Tell us how your organization provides support through initiatives, programs, incentives, and benefits. What is the internal communication strategy that drives awareness, execution, and participation? Provide evidence of the impact on employee wellness and productivity, and include supporting information about how these programs help attract and retain your workforce.

Best Reward & Recognition Strategy Award

Whether from the top down or peer to peer, identifying excellence inspires excellence. There are many ways to champion and incentivize worthy individuals and teams. This award will recognize the best of those programs and initiatives, the true innovators within this space that move the needle and inspire improved performance and productivity throughout the organization.

Criteria to include in entry essay:

Tell us what makes your program special, and show us how it works and that it works. How was the strategy rolled out and communicated? How has the program improved engagement, retention, productivity, and other key performance indicators? Candidates will be judged based on consultation, strategy, implementation, and results.

Submit a Nomination

The EP Awards are open to any and all companies participating at an Executive Platforms event, excluding software vendors, consulting groups, academic institutions, or any other organization deemed primarily as a service or solution provider.

To submit a nomination for the gala at NAHRES21 please email epawards@executiveplatforms.com no later than December 1, 2020. You are welcome to submit multiple entries in multiple categories.

Each entry should use no more than 1500 words, and all parts of the online entry form should be completed. In addition to completing the online form, your entry can also include supporting materials in PDF, PowerPoint, or video format to illustrate the points made in your short submission essay.

Entries will be sorted and short-listed by Executive Platforms, who will then pass the short-list candidates on to be reviewed by our panel of senior industry executives. All short-listed entries will be notified of their consideration. Executive Platforms will communicate any follow-up questions judges may have during their deliberations.


All entries will be submitted by December 1, 2020. Entries will be in the form of an essay not to exceed 1500 words, although supporting materials in PDF, PowerPoint, or video format may be included for the judges’ consideration should the essay prove interesting enough to warrant that further commitment of time.

After reviewing the nominations vetted by the EP team, judges will use their own criteria based on their experience and expertise to vote on a confidential ranked ballot. Winners will be determined by the cumulative score of all participating judges’ ranked ballots. Judges will be profiled on the EP Awards webpage and receive preferred seating at the awards gala.

If you are interested in becoming a judge, please contact us at EPawards@executiveplatforms.com

At the Show

The EP Awards Gala is scheduled for the evening of the first day of the NAHRES21 program. Following the chair’s Day One closing remarks, delegates will enjoy a networking drinks reception while Conference Room One is reset and dressed for the evening’s festivities. When all is in readiness, attendees of the EP Awards Gala will enjoy a three-course dinner together along with live entertainment. Award winners will be announced throughout the evening, interspersed with further live entertainment.

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions please email us at epawards@executiveplatforms.com.